Damien Done – Charm Offensive

Charm Offensive is the latest release of Damien Done, the gloomy rock project of Damien Moyal (As Friends Rust, Culture, Morning Again,…). Ten dark tracks ranging from straight on rockers to more intimate songs, all intertwined in a theme of secrecy. From stalking your neighbour to the power of information on one’s persona. 

On Charm Offensive Damien pulled out all registers to write and record the most part of the album on his own. With the help of some friends he assembled a live band that recently performed their first European tour as Damien Done. Musically Damien Done rocks back and forth with an underlying dark tone that gets visualised by the lyrical content featuring gloom allover. A few of the outstanding tracks are The Lord Fox that displays Damien’s vocal talent in the chorus and of course the stalker inspired track Roof Access.