“Gravity” brings back our H.E.R.O. as their new track!

Metalcore band H.E.R.O. from Copenhagen, Denmark, knocks another one out of the park with their new song “Gravity!”

If you can appreciate clean vocal production, synths, and chunky riffs, you’ll enjoy this banger from H.E.R.O.! There are lots of elements taken from pop music injected into this heavy distorted guitar style. The contrast between punchy live drum sounds and stylistic electronic drums, makes for a compelling story in song structure. The slower paced synth and drum verse sections create a great flow that pulls you in before exploding into that high register wide chorus. Overall, the track does a great job building excitement due to the progressing drums and electronic production!

Give this new single “Gravity,” a listen, and follow H.E.R.O. for future releases!

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Danish act H.E.R.O. drop “Made To Be Broken”

As the first single for their upcoming third album, H.E.R.O. have gone all out. The song features a massive wall of sound that would sound at home on a modern Bring Me The Horizon record, as well as a catchy arrangement and powerful vocals.

For those who enjoy riffs and head banging, don’t worry; you won’t notice anything missing with this track!

If you aren’t familiar with H.E.R.O. yet, I suggest taking a listen to their most recent album, Bad Blood – and look forward to album #3 soon!

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