“Didn’t You Get The Memo?” Damnear Divine gets it!

Pop punk band Damnear Divine, from Las Vegas, Nevada, puts up their track “Didn’t You Get The Memo?”

Damnear Divine has been kicking it since 2009, and has started getting more active now in 2021, re-releasing their EP from 2011 “Freeways & Farewells” this year! This track has a great energy to it and has the classic pop-punk vocal sound we all love. The guitars are smooth but driving with that distorted warmth. The snippets of aggression with growl vocals offer a nice contrast to the prominent lead vocals in the song. The use of gang vocals on this track are really well done and add a lot of depth to the transitions.

Whether you’ve heard the track already or not, it’s a solid production that I think anyone could get stuck in their head! We’re glad Damnear Divine is getting back out there and tearing it up!

Catch the rest of the “Freeways & Farewells” album, and give Damnear Divine a follow to stay posted on upcoming releases!

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