If you’re always waiting for the “Breakdown,” Icon For Hire has you covered!

Icon For Hire has been killing it out there for a while, and their new track “Breakdown,” brings heavier elements to their hard rock style!

The track is full of excitement building, catchy vocal melodies, and big dynamic punches. The main vocals have a consistent and confident flow to them that goes from chorus-effect, to aggressive, to massive sounding sustained notes. The progression with synths, guitars, and pounding drums creates a beautiful middle-ground between melody and grinding riffs. Of course there is a breakdown in this, and it kills, so that’s reason enough to take a look. If you like a full, punchy, and heavy track, with melodic vocals, and some electronic effects, don’t sleep on this one!

Give “Breakdown” by Icon For Hire a listen here, and be sure to follow them for updates on their upcoming album: “The Reckoning” coming out September 9th!

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