Can you imagine a technological doomsday? Cantervice can.

Electronicore concept-rockers Cantervice aren’t shy about their imagination of the future. Though technology does wonderful things, in the wrong hands it can be quite scary. In the future, the lines will likely become blurred even more.

This is what vocalist and producer Robert Matlock covers in Cantervice’s newest song, “Doomsday”. Engineered and co-produced by Cameron Mizell (who happens to have engineered one of my favorite albums of all time, Jamie’s Elsewhere’s They Said A Storm Was Coming). “Doomsday” is as heavy as it is intricate – the brute force of your standard rock/metal instruments is highlighted by synths and pads to the extent necessary for the song, without overstepping the bounds.

This is still 100% a rock song, and you need to take a listen now!

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“Void” by Cantervice will fill the void in your life

Cantervice is not stranger to the music scene, and that much is clear by their debut single, “Void”.

It’s not often that a band’s first single hits as hard as “Void” does, so I wasn’t surprised to learn that “Void” was produced by a member of Nine Shrines, who had formerly played with Attack Attack!

The song’s heavy hitting song makes strong use of dynamics to build energy – the intro gets straight to the point with massive guitars and an in your face attitude, yet that all melts away during the atmospheric first verse.

The production and arrangement are so well executed that the song is interesting to listen to over and over just to pick out the bits of ear candy that help fortify the song.

I can’t help but draw similarities to Janus, the Chicago-based band that was touring quite a bit in the late 2000s.

Take a listen to Cantervice now and let us know what you think!

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