Check your breath: MEAN SEA shares “Puke Mouth”

Hailing from Baltimore, MD, MEAN SEA has deep roots in the rock scene. Not only have members been involved with various projects over the years, including a band signed to Drive-Thru Records, they have also each spent years on the road honing their craft.

Strangely reminiscent of a dark, spooky take on PUP, MEAN SEA’s new track “Puke Mouth” is as catchy as it is unique. Take a listen now!

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MEAN SEA – “Falling Apart”

MEAN SEA. This band is an alternative band from Annapolis, Maryland. “Falling Apart” is from their newest EP Sorry We’re Late. The vocals really strike me because they remind me so heavily of Wil Francis of Aiden (another amazing band). This song is so full of character, you will not be disappointed!