RMP faves Zebra Libra are back with a new track and accompanying music video. Their most refined release yet, in my opinion, combines many aspects of early 2000s rock similar to artists such as The Killers, yet doesn’t sound out of date in 2021.

Quite the contrary, in fact. When it seems like 50% of the new music sent our way sounds like a poor facsimile of MGK’s latest album, “Black Delilahs” is a breath of fresh air. The rock-focused production sticks to its roots with drums, bass, guitar, and vocals. A few synths are tastefully sprinkled into the song, but not overwhelming to the sound.

If you’ve been feeling like me and want a breath of fresh rock sounds, “Black Delilahs” is a great spot to take a seat and listen for a few minutes!

You can find Zebra Libra on: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify