Set yourself Free from the rock stereotype with Lost in Majority

Though rock spans a wide variety of genres, for the most part when you hear “rock” you can imagine what you’re going to hear and the song will fall somewhat within that range.

With Lost in Majority’s track “Free”, that’s not the case. It’s a surprising and fresh sound in the best of ways – it blends elements of electronic music with rock, which has of course been done before. Where it differs is that the song also incorporates elements that would seem at home in a rock opera, such as incredible dynamics between the verses and choruses, as well as lyrics that seem to be part of a larger story.

From the beginning, the song is intriguing – though the intro is long, which would often turn me off of a song, I’m hooked. The arrangement and composition hold my interest throughout the almost minute-long intro. Where the song really explodes is the first chorus.

Moving on through the song, there’s no point where I find my mind wandering away. It’s glued to the track the entire time. As the song comes to a close with an guitar solo building to the climax of the piece, I find myself wanting to listen again.

Take a listen now, this is not a song you want to miss!

Lost in Majority · Free

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