Joker’s Hand shift gears with “War Profiteer”

Joker’s Hand shift gears with “War Profiteer”

Known for their modern alt rock sound, Torrance, CA, based duo Joker’s Hand have something new up their sleeves…

Their latest single, “War Profiteer”, is entirely out of left field as it’s a ska song rather than alt rock. But, that doesn’t change my opinion – I think it’s their best track yet! Joker’s Hand have really found their niche here, everything from the tight vocals to the danceable upstrokes fit together like a perfect jigsaw puzzle.

Don’t let the incredibly catchy choruses fool you, the song has a serious message: it’s about people who profit off of the suffering of others.

The May release date is just in time for this song to hit summer playlists, so don’t miss out, take a listen now!

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