Get nerdy with Systems & Stories

Get nerdy with Systems & Stories

Metal and nerd culture might not seem to have much of a crossover to the casual observer, but to those in the scene it’s well known: metalheads tend to be nerds.

Just take a look at Lords of the Trident, the self-proclaimed “most metal band on earth”. They throw an annual festival with classic arcade games galore!

That’s not who we’re talking about today, though – instead I’m happy to share “Raven” by Systems & Stories, a project fronted by Justin Trombetti.

So what’s the nerdy tie in here? Systems & Stories’ debut EP Infinite Diversity, coming this fall, is Star Trek themed. “Raven” specifically is written about the character Seven of Nine.

Take a listen now and stay tuned for the band’s EP, coming soon to a streaming provider near you!

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