Lionfight brings a new definition to “heavy”

Based in Manchester, UK, Daniel Jenkins doesn’t sound like the average solo project…

He releases music under the name Lionfight, and his latest track “Heaviness” show that one man can be an entire band. Not only is the song full of aggression and killer riffs, but the production is also spot on – crisp highs, clear vocals, and a solid low end to push the track forward.

You can find Lionfight on: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify


Get Drenched by Torrential Rain if you’re Left Outside

It’s no secret that we like modern metalcore here at RMP – after all, Warped Tour never died in our hearts.

When German 4 piece Torrential Rain sent a new track to be shared, it was an instant “yes!”

Not only have we shared their music in the past (read our writeup about “Home Alone”), we also really enjoyed the new track “Left Outside” and decided that this well-crafted track needed to get a couple extra listens.

Take a listen now, and enjoy the video created by Christian Brauner featuring lighting by Michael Dorner.

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A true multinational band: The Pauline Principle

We’ve all been affected by the pandemic in one way or another. Practically everything we hear is bad news – after all there isn’t much good that comes from a global pandemic.

But there’s at least one good thing that we can thank the pandemic for: The Pauline Principle.

The band have just released their debut single, “Broken and Prone” and a lyric video to go with it. The song is extremely well produced, and showcases how artists from vastly different areas of the globe can collaborate to make great music.

With this being the band’s first single, I have to say I hope there are many more to come!

You can find The Pauline Principle on: Instagram | Spotify


Don’t be an outcast – listen to Vice Versa

Sacramento-based metalcore/progressive metal band Vice Versa are back – with a new twist on their sound, no less.

Fusing traditional metalcore riffs with modern electronic elements, I can’t help but draw a connection between Vice Versa, who is much heavier in general, and their fellow Sacramentans Jamie’s Elsewhere (yeah, bet you haven’t thought of that band in roughly a decade).

I enjoy Vice Versa’s fresh take on blending styles – they’ve successfully avoided being another cookie-cutter band like so many are these days.

Check out the song below!

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One side white noise… One side pure riffs

Lynchburg, VA, metalcore act Two Sides of Me have dropped an epic new single called “White Noise”.

The song creatively blends metalcore standards such as big guitar riffs and glitches with a catchy synth line to tie the top end together.

Mixed and mastered by Zach Jones of My Enemies & I, it’s clear that Two Sides of Me is pulling out all the stops to ensure they have great material.

Here’s to more new tracks from TSOM!

You can find Two Sides of Me on: their website | your favorite streaming platform


Even if you’re deaf, you’ll hear this downpour

German metalcore act Torrential Rain have released another great track to follow up “Home Alone” (which we shared earlier this year).

The song combines modern production and writing with tight vocals to bring a cohesive blast of metal to your ears. I hope you’re able to hear this song, because it’s awesome.

The band will be releasing a video for the song at 7AM EST on October 30th, you can get notifications for the premier on YouTube.

Find the band on: Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp


Forget the northern lights… Check out “Eastern Lights”

Pennsylvanian band A Scent Like Wolves have recently released their latest single “Eastern Lights” via We Are Triumphant.

The song is reminiscent of metalcore around 2010, but also adds fresh elements to keep the song from sounding dated.

The vocals stand out in particular, with great clarity even while screaming. No doubt this is in part due to the stellar engineering on the song, but the performance definitely seems to have played a role as well.

Take a listen now and let us know what you think!

Find A Scent Like Wolves on: Facebook


Don’t Whisper – Shout To The World About How Good This Song Is!

We’ve been taking submissions for RMP on a site called SubmitHub for nearly four years.

Until recently, I’d never been sent a song via SubmitHub I liked so much that I immediately bought the album. To be clear, I’ve bought albums from SubmitHub artists before, but only after a week or two of listening and getting into the band.

That all changed last week when This Is Falling of St. Louis, MO sent “Whisper” my way.

Instant. Purchase. That’s how much this band impressed me!

Not only is the engineering and production stellar, the band also knows exactly how to catch the attention of listeners.

What This Is Falling did is what everyone who is trying to get their music heard should do – get to the point already.

So many bands send in songs with 30+ second intros, or a video where there’s no music for over a minute before the song starts.

That’s boooooooring!

This Is Falling did the opposite – “Whisper” punches the listener in the face with a massive sounding drum fill. Immediately.

The rest of the song is killer, too. But DIY bands take note: if you want to be heard, follow in This Is Falling’s footsteps and make your single catch the listener’s attention as soon as they hit play!

Find This Is Falling on: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Bandcamp | Spotify