ALESTI does it again, Disconnected feat Telle Smith of The Word Alive

If you’ve been following RMP for any length of time, you know we’re big fans of Norwegian producer and multi-instrumentalist ALESTI. His brand of metalcore, featuring a different vocalist on every track, is a rather unique model for a band… But that doesn’t stop ALESTI from dropping bangers over and over.

His latest track, “Disconnected”, features vocals from The Word Alive’s Telle Smith – take a listen now!

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Like Clockwork, Crownkeeper drop their first single

Brand new metal act Crownkeeper have just dropped their first single, Clockwork. The band who are, like many others, a product of the pandemic, offer a fresh take on metalcore.

While adhering to the genres givens (heavy verses and clean vocals in the choruses), Crownkeeper keep things fresh by having a full, lush arrangement of synths and FX to support the core instruments.

This is a band to keep your eye on, they’ll do great things!

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Hostage drop “Cancer,” in support of world cancer day 2022

Metalcore band Hostage, from Germany, drop “Cancer,” teaming up with Rotarian Metalhead Fellowship to raise funds for world cancer day on February 4th, 2022.

Hostage does a great job incorporating high-movement lines while maintaining a solid rhythm on this track. The guitar riffs are interesting, yet hold the concrete depth that is needed to bring a metal mix together. The amount of aggression in the growl vocals is on point, with lots of energy and a good blend with the clean vocals. On top of it all, the song has that bass and kick drum punch that works so well with grindy riffs in this genre. Stay until the end to hear the ramping tempo transition.

Give a listen to “Cancer,” and be sure to head over to the Rotarian Metalhead Fellowship’s fundraiser page to see what Hostage has been promoting!

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“MAKE MY DAY,” by listening to their new track “The Vandal”

Metalcore band “MAKE MY DAY,” from Tokyo, Japan, drop a face pummeling track “The Vandal!”

This song has the qualities of a high production metal track with heavy but smooth guitars, pounding drums, and barking growls. While holding down the heavy side, the track also gives way to a beefy clean vocal chorus complete with an effective stop to top off the transition! The breakdown shows off a unique approach with lo-fi effects on the vocal as well. Overall, it’s just a great track with lots of depth in the growling guitars, powerful lead vocals, and massive transitions.

Give “The Vandal” a listen, and follow “MAKE MY DAY,” to stay up to date on their upcoming shows and releases!

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“Gravity” brings back our H.E.R.O. as their new track!

Metalcore band H.E.R.O. from Copenhagen, Denmark, knocks another one out of the park with their new song “Gravity!”

If you can appreciate clean vocal production, synths, and chunky riffs, you’ll enjoy this banger from H.E.R.O.! There are lots of elements taken from pop music injected into this heavy distorted guitar style. The contrast between punchy live drum sounds and stylistic electronic drums, makes for a compelling story in song structure. The slower paced synth and drum verse sections create a great flow that pulls you in before exploding into that high register wide chorus. Overall, the track does a great job building excitement due to the progressing drums and electronic production!

Give this new single “Gravity,” a listen, and follow H.E.R.O. for future releases!

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Asuna comes blazing in on “Chariots” with their new track!

Metalcore band Asuna, from Poughkeepsie, New York, drop a blazing new track, “Chariots!”

This song gets right into it with a brutal but grindy progression, but it doesn’t skimp on that power chorus we are all looking for! You’ll find heavy rhythms and lead guitar that show intricacy without overpowering the rest of the song. There is a strong use of panning and right left layering to create compelling transitions as well! This one is a classic heavy hitter that shows the best of both worlds in aggression and melody. I am also a sucker for breakdowns and solos, so get ready for that!

Give this track a look, and follow Asuna to keep posted on their upcoming events!

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Howl Like Wolves dive head first “Into The Waves”

German Metalcore band, Howl Like Wolves, kick it off strong with their second track release “Into The Waves.”

The song has an amazing ability to transition from low to high intensity levels. The calming intro with synth, floating vocals, and lo-fi drums, quickly kicks you in the face with a powerful yell and explosion of live instruments. The track then alternates between calmer verse sections similar to the intro, and soaring chorus sections that open up into a wide heroic sound. The use of synthesizers and the sound of ocean waves towards the end of the song give the track depth that is hard to come across.

If you like heavy music and metal yells, but also enjoy a triumphant lead vocal that brings a melodic sound to the table, you better check this track out!

Give Into The Waves a listen, and stay tuned with Howl Like Wolves to catch the rest of their four song EP, Crown, dropping December 10th!

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Inhale Me show us what’s wrong and right with “Renegade”

Hungarian metal band Inhale Me bring us on a journey with their new track “Renegade”.

The track is an amazing culmination of hardcore style jamming, song enveloping vocals, and punchy rhythm sections. Starting strong with a pummeling of distortion and sound, the song then lifts into a well thought out chorus that floats in the mix. Inhale Me doesn’t stop there, with a breakdown contrasting between soft vocals and electronic elements, to an unhinged drum and growling section in retaliation.

The band uses some effective spatial elements that will keep you hooked until the end!

What does the essence of a renegade mean to you? Give it a listen and see how Inhale Me does things!

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In Shallows throw down “Phantom Grace”

New Hampshire metalcore band In Shallows, drop their powerful new track “Phantom Grace.”

The track starts off bringing in a tsunami of sound with pounding drums and and heavy guitar. The brutality is offset by wide synth progressions in the background giving the song a nice balance. With effective use of breaks and transitions throughout the structure of the song, it’ll leave you waiting for that heavy wall of sound to return!

If you are a fan of heavy tracks that would get you stomping around on the venue floor, give this one a listen!

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Danish act H.E.R.O. drop “Made To Be Broken”

As the first single for their upcoming third album, H.E.R.O. have gone all out. The song features a massive wall of sound that would sound at home on a modern Bring Me The Horizon record, as well as a catchy arrangement and powerful vocals.

For those who enjoy riffs and head banging, don’t worry; you won’t notice anything missing with this track!

If you aren’t familiar with H.E.R.O. yet, I suggest taking a listen to their most recent album, Bad Blood – and look forward to album #3 soon!

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