Even if you’re deaf, you’ll hear this downpour

German metalcore act Torrential Rain have released another great track to follow up “Home Alone” (which we shared earlier this year).

The song combines modern production and writing with tight vocals to bring a cohesive blast of metal to your ears. I hope you’re able to hear this song, because it’s awesome.

The band will be releasing a video for the song at 7AM EST on October 30th, you can get notifications for the premier on YouTube.

Find the band on: Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp


Torrential Rain Stay Safe With “Home Alone”

In a time when everyone is staying home to survive a global pandemic, Torrential Rain is doing so. Their song “Home Alone” doesn’t deal with the pandemic, though – it seems to focus more on loneliness and isolation pre-pandemic.

We can only imagine that with forced isolation, the lyrics to this song apply to many more people now than they would have under normal circumstances.

So, if you’re stuck at home, you may as well check out this killer song by Torrential Rain!

You can follow the band on Facebook and Instagram, and listen to “Home Alone” on Spotify.