Stab – Timekeepers

Stab, a verb that cuts right through… just like Stab, a heavy hardcore band from Kortrijk, Belgium. For those familiar with Belgian hardcore in the present and past, the H8000 area might ring a bell. Being spoon fed from birth on H8000 hardcore such as Liar and Congress and tons of other extreme sounds, Stab was founded in 2006 and recently released their third full album Timekeepers on One Life, One Crew Records. Timekeepers delivers ten heavy tracks full of downbeat hardcore and aggressive in your face vocals dealing on topics such as fighting one's personal demons on a dialy base and surviving in today's fucked up world amongst others. With a little help from our friends we get by and Stab enjoys the company of friends such as Adam Warren (Oceano) and Rob Watson (Lionheart) who join them with a little help of guest vocals on certain tracks. Timekeepers is once proof that the H8000 legacy still continues.