Night Birds – Mutiny At Muscle Beach

Surfpunk! Night Birds are one of the bands I have been following on my radar for a while because they just kick ass! They are straightforward, ‘no holds barred’ punk rocking madness. Giving the fact that these fellows recently released their latest album “Mutiny At Muscle Beach” on Fat Wreck Chords they had to be doing something right. Their previous album “Born To Die In Suburbia” has already been spun to smithereens on my record player and “Mutiny At Muscle Beach” is sure to receive the same destination. Mixing old school ‘Hey ho let's go’ punk rock with more surf-orientated sounds leads to the blood pumping tunes of Night Birds. The fellows of Night Birds are chock-full of adrenaline and energy when playing live, bouncing back and forward off the stage as if their live depends on it, delivering a raunchy, edgy performance. Just the thing that punk rock should be all about.  “Mutiny At Muscle Beach” is a must-have for those who love energetic music that oozes out of the speakers.

– David Marote