Dead Giveaway – We Come In Pieces

In my ears, Dead Giveaway sounds like a modern day, more up-to-date Face To Face. And yes, that is a good thing. Starting off with an exorcism scene picked directly from cult classic ‘The Exorcist’, you could say that expectations for this album get an instant upgrade from the get go. Expectations that get filled in almost instantly with “Breach”, one of the better tracks on this eleven songs long feast of up-tempo riffs and singalong choruses. The band –clearly composed of some veteran Dutch punk rockers– nails a sound that fits like a glove with bands like Face To Face, The Descendents and even –if I may be so bold– The Foo Fighters. To me, closing track “Your Own Broadway” is the best track of the record. But all in all, this album has something for all punk rock fans to enjoy. Definitely one of the better works from the Lowlands these recent years.

Lazlo Cootmans