Woven In Hiatus Excel With Debut Record Anatomical Heart

Starting with the first few notes of “Scarlet”, MA indie rock artist Woven In Hiatus sets the tone for their debut record, Anatomical Heart. Although they have only been together for about a year, the band is already signed to InVogue Records and has done a US tour, including a stop at SO WHAT?! festival. They will be touring again soon.

Vocalist and songwriter Luke Nagel is joined by Richard Pingree on acoustic guitar, Nick Cassis on bass, and Nicholas Aspell on drums.

Throughout the record, dreamy production soothes the listener’s ears. The album has an almost shoegazey feel when it comes to vocal production, with incredibly lush vocals. To contrast that, the guitars are almost exclusively clean. For the most part, the only effects heard are reverb and delay.

The songs are relatively similar in production style and sound, however certain songs stand out. For example, “Mirror Image” with it’s twangy country guitar and driving beat. Another mention is “Blank” which features only acoustic guitar and Nagel’s vocals. It’s a very emotional song that is perfectly executed.

“Unhealthy” takes a sudden turn as well. It has a dark and moody sound that makes you just want to sit in your room all day and mope – in the best of ways. It would fit quite well in a movie scene where the protagonist’s world has just fallen apart.

The title track “Anatomical Heart” does an amazing job of closing the record. It really makes it seem like the record flows full circle from beginning to end and back again on an emotional rollercoaster. The passion and energy behind this song, and this album as a whole, make me think we haven’t heard the last from Woven In Hiatus.

Woven In Hiatus – Anatomical Heart Album Info

Anatomical Heart will be released on Friday, November 4th, 2016. You can preorder physical copies on MerchNOW or digitally on iTunes. Follow Woven In Hiatus on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.