Wild Domestic – Author

Matt Carlson, a talented multi-instrumentalist who releases music under the name Wild Domestic, has released a new song titled "Authors". The song is from his upcoming record, Singular, which is slated for release in early 2017. The album follows up on Wild Domestic, Carlson's 2015 self-titled release.

"Authors" features punchy drums with heavily distorted guitars and vocals akin to those of Anthony Raneri (Bayside). Carlson, who is mostly self taught, shows with this track that he can successfully be a one-man-band. If the rest of the album showcases his skill as well as "Authors" does, it will be exciting to hear more when Singular is released in 2017.

Wild Domestic Info

You can follow Carlson's project on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Singular will be released in early 2017.