When Cities Sleep – What Lies Lay Between Us

When Cities Sleep is a rather new band from Waldorf, Maryland, but they are becoming more and more popular quickly. They name I See Stars as a big influence and that statement is crystal clear: they are trying to combine the whole electro sound with the metal sound and screams. The voice of singer Mike Garrow can go really deep, as well as really well-balanced with the clean vocals. “What Lies Lay Between Us” is their new record and it seems like a nice entry. The harder parts are balanced with the easy-going vocals. Mix those two together with electro sound and some nice breakdowns and you get “What Lies Lay Between Us”. The lyrics overall are seemingly dark, filled with talk about betrayal and such. When Cities Sleep seem to want to bring a message to their listeners. Maybe that’s also why they’ll ask with every live show: “Will you, fight for your dreams?”.

– Nicky Boes