The Wrong Kid Died – Away With Traitors

Every once in a while we stumble upon a young band that definitely has potential. The Wrong Kid Died started their journey in 2012 and is now releasing their first full-length album “Away With Traitors” under Clenched Fist Records.

They are opening their album “Skrillex-wise” with a dubstep intro, not too renewing in deathcore, but definitely a party starter. If you don’t like these futuristic noises, don’t be afraid, they are not using it in an excessive amount. In fact, it is a nice build up to a very hard-ass opener: “Faceless”. Starting from this song it becomes clear that these guys know what they are doing with their transitions. Their fast riffs are seamed together by strong build-ups, nice fill-ins and are tapped off with the occasional breakdown. Their strongest song is the title track on this album and it’s the perfect example of what these guys can do.

The negative part, which is also utterly normal, is that you can hear it is their first album, which makes it sound a little colourless. It misses that vibe in which a lot of DIY albums are left wanting. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t any beauty in their debut album, it is a diamond in the rough. We are sure we’ll be hearing much more of them in the future.

Jesse Mouart