The Flatliners – Resuscitation of the Year

Raw. Fast. Loud. The punk rock of The Flatliners certainly lives by those three words and you certainly can say that again for the most recent single the Canadian band released, now over a month ago. The first song on the 7” is a familiar one for those who ever listened to the band’s last full album. “Resuscitation of the Year” is also the opening track of “Dead Language”. Don't worry, after two years, the song still kicks some serious ass. It starts off quite mellow and easy-going, only to shift towards the sixth gear and force some very moshable, up-tempo riffs and beats towards your eardrum. Even more interesting on this 7” though, is the never before heard B-side “Fangs” that shows us a slightly louder, more aggressive Flatliners than we are used to. The vocals of Chris are louder than ever and the riffs in between the chorus lack a certain structure that we are used in other tracks of the band, making the track sound more like a hardcore song. Definitely a sound for the band that is bound to ruffle some feathers with the original fans, but something that I secretly hope to hear more often in the coming LP from this group.

– Lazlo Cootmans