Talk Show Host – Perfectly Competent

Canadian indie/punk band Talk Show Host are promoting their second EP, Perfectly Competent. Recorded in their living rooms, the four track EP is well mixed and features some great, catchy riffs with pop-punk vocals and rhythm and emo lyrics. Join us as we go track by track.

Intro track "I Don't Wanna Go to the Library" will surely resonate with Parks & Recreation's Leslie Knope – as far as the title goes, at least. The high energy song is perfect to kick off the EP, and sounds a lot like Against Me with Matt Skiba on vocals. That's a good thing, just to clarify.

Following up "I Don't Wanna Go to the Library" is "Lost and Found", a galloping pop punk song with well arranged gang vocals in the chorus. The lyrics of the song seem to speak to the uncertainty of life and relationships, something pretty much anyone can relate to.

"108" changes things up a bit, the acoustic and clean guitars holding down the rhythm guitar make the song sound quite folky, all that it needs is a harmonica and you'd have the Canadian Frank Turner. I think that overall, this sound is underexplored by artists in the genre and I'm glad Talk Show Host have pursued it.

Closing the EP, "Franklin" starts off with palm muted power chords, and progresses to a poppy indie ballad. It seemingly acts as a farewell to the EP, with the final lyrics being, "you wait and see what becomes of me
This body, my shell."

Talk Show Host – Perfectly Competent album info

You can purchase the EP on iTunes and Bandcamp, and stream it on Spotify.