Shit Outta Luck – New Generation

Hardcore punkrock at it 's meanest and rawest, that's what Shit Outta Luck is aiming for. And bull’s eye is exactly what these Antwerp punks have achieved with their first EP “New Generation”. Five raging tracks clocking in at a total of over ten minutes. Pure vitriol regarding life, work and all that other shit that keeps us from being truly happy. Starting off with the national anthem of Belgium as an intro and “Der Fuhrer” as an outro proves that no restraints are at hand for Shit Outta Luck. Streetcore raging through the speakers is what you'll get and if you disagree the fellows will gladly take a dump on your chest and if you're lucky they might not even wipe their asses with your face. Oh, and they will also be playing a GG Allin cover set at Eindhoven Classic Fest later this year!

– David Marote