Rootwork – Some Of Us May Never Bloom

Rootwork released their new EP Some Of Us May Never Bloom yesterday, November 18th, 2016. The British band's new release follows on the heels of their 2015 effort, Gallows Humor.

From heavily distorted and modified notes of "Trust", Rootwork show that they mean business. Once the vocals kick in, one can tell that the band put serious thought into the production of this EP with well planned vocal harmonies and good mixing. Upon listening, the production qualities mixed with the heavy tone of the music make me think Muse has gone metal.

"Ozymandias" continues on with good harmonies and production, though it changes tones a bit and turns more into an alt rock sound than metal at first, but gets heavier again. The riffs on this EP are absolutely massive.

The single off the EP, "Zero", features some of the best technical ability I've heard in quite some time. Not to mention that the intro is brutally heavy, showcasing guitarist/vocalist Max Woodhams' chops.

Drummer Chris Booth gets things started on "Outliers" with a quick and punchy fill. The drums continue to play an important role throughout the song, and it seems like Jamie Benzine's bass lines, as in most good metal mixes, sit right in the groove and keep things going.

Last but not least, the band closes the EP with "No End to the Wheel". It's a slower hard rock song, and just over halfway through it becomes very mellow and builds up to the end of the record.

Rootwork – Some Of Us May Never Bloom Album Info

The EP is now available online, and you can follow the band on Facebook.