Raised Fist – From The North

Sweden has roots in big music genres and one of the first bands setting foot on hardcore grounds is Raised Fist. In 1993 Luleå witnessed the birth of Raised Fist through the song “Know Your Enemy” from Rage Against The Machine. “From The North” is their sixth album which will be released six years after the previous one “Veil Of Ignorance”. They said “We’re from the North, and we do shit differently. We do it hard, whether it’s on stage or in the studio.” The sound proves what they’re saying. “From The North” is hard and heavy combined with the husky voice of singer Alle Hagman. The sound’s original if you compare it with other hardcore bands, and that’s why you have to listen to it. If you liked their previous albums, you will like “From The North” as well. They keep true to their style, but it became heavier.

– Nicky Boes