People On Vacation – The Chronicles Of Tim Powers

People On Vacation is a band founded in Dallas, Texas. They are born from the hand of Jared Riddick from Bowling For Soup and Ryan Hamilton from Smile Smile’s. The sound of People On Vacation is really unique. They sound fresh, young and uplifting. They use the label ‘indie/pop rock’, but there is a lot more to People On Vacation. There is some pop punk and maybe even some country. That’s what you get if you’re from Texas maybe?  Their newest album is called “The Chronicles Of Tim Powers” and some songs really show that country feeling. “You may not believe in God” is a fresh song that shows the roots of the band from Texas. The album sounds really uplifting and with a positive vibe, but the lyrics aren’t always that happy. Sometimes it’s filled with melancholy and the feeling of losing something. “The Chronicles Of Tim Power” is simply a surprising and easy-going album.

– Nicky Boes