Silverstein Is Rocking 2020

Silverstein is at it again with an amazing new song called “Infinite”. This song will shake you to the core and will make you want to raise your fists in the air and headbang.

As the name of the song states, “Infinite” will most-likely become one of those songs that will be replayed over and over because it’s just that good! It will remain literally infinite because it was so well made, that you won’t ever forget about it.

What I love the most about “Infinite” is the build to the chorus. As soon as it hits the chorus, I’m just like “Hell yeah! This is great!”

What I also like about this song is that the hardcore vocals blend so well with the music; it doesn’t over power it at all. It’s like taking a hot knife and slicing it through butter.

If you love this song and want more, just keep replaying that button! Or you can follow their Facebook page to keep up with what they’re doing.

Oh and one more thing: They have a new album coming out March 6th called, A Beautiful Place To Drown. You’re welcome!