Pappasaft – HardeKåre

Norwegian melodic punk band Pappasaft (meaning "father juice") recently signed with Big Day Records and have plans to release a full length record on January 20th, 2017. So far they have released three singles, "HardeKåre" and "Over Streken", and "Norske Bomber". The band sent over a few quotes about HardKåre, which you can read below:

The lyrics (too bad for you guys it's in Norwegian) are about a guy with a destructive appetite for life. A kind of I-think-amphetamines-are-so-much-better-than-coffee kind of guy, "Harde" means hard and "Kåre" is a Norwegian name, so the title is a pretty lame pun on "hardcore" (which we find hillarious, by the way). It’s not inspired by anyone in particular, more like a mix of the most useless amongst our useless friends/acquaintances.

– Gard Sviggum Saabye


HardeKåre was actually one of our first songs from 2011. It was originally arranged for two guitars so we stopped playing it when three of our band members quit not long after. After five years and some re-arrangements we picked it up again because we love playing it. We'd found new ways as a three piece, so we managed to make it work – finally! The song stands out in an album where most of the songs are more of the california melodic kind. Our singer/bassplayer, Gard was listening to Gallows a lot in 2011 and felt like making something less skate-punky. I guess this is the closest we got. We're really pleased with the song and think that it shows a bit of our musical breadth within the punk genre.

– Jens Petter Johansen


The aforementioned Gallows sound can definitely be heard buried below the distrinctly pop-punky riffs, for example the riff that starts in the intro though it is quite poppy has a bit of that strange, dark sound Gallows had up until original vocalist Frank Carter left the band. The shouted gang vocals and hammer on/hammer off lead guitar also definitely screams Gallows, and that's not a bad thing at all!

For comparison to the sound found more prominently on the record, enjoy "Norske Bomber" and "Over Streken" below. Keep in mind that Pappasaft are releasing a record which comes out on Jan. 20th via Big Day Records!