NOFX – Backstage Passport Soundtrack

NOFX have got a new record! Or haven’t they? Well, not really: “Backstage Passport Soundtrack” is actually a compilation album featuring some B-songs, live skits and theme songs to their “Backstage Passport DVD” featuring their shenanigans during their tour through the exotic world of sketchy promoters and uncharted territory for punk rock. Many NOFX aficionados have heard most of these tracks before or even own them on some obscure bootleg or exclusive boxset. So it is without say that this was in need of some spicing up. So they threw in some new tracks that will appear in the second release of the “Backstage Passport” documentary. Yep, it's happening, “Backstage Passport II”! Long-discussed on various fora of the World Wide Web, yet another NOFX side project that got completed in the end! So this is NOFX’ “Backstage Passport” but honestly this appears a bit redundant to me since I would prefer hearing those tracks while watching the documentary. 

– David Marote