Live: Night Riots

This past Monday I had the pleasure of seeing Night Riots opening for Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness at House of Blues San Diego. Though I've known of the band since their run on Warped Tour 2015, this was the first time I actually got to see them play.

Night Riots made a dramatic entrance to the stage, appearing one by one from the wings. Things got off to a rough start when lead singer Travis Hawley began singing a bar early, but he quickly realized his mistake and like a true professional went on to perform a solid set with the rest of the band. Key highlights were when the entire band played drums during "Oh My Heart" and "Contagious", including the use of glowing multicolored drumsticks. The band did their best to get the crowd ready for the entertainment ahead, and they although the lead vocals distorted on occasion, the rest of the mix was solid and I think the band likely gained more than a few fans on Monday night. Altogether, the band did their job well and even threw in a fun Kendrick Lamar cover halfway through the set.

Night Riots setlist:

1. All for You
2. Nothing Personal
3. Oh My Heart
4. Alright (Kendrick Lamar cover)
5. Work It
6. Breaking Free
7. Contagious

Night Riots will continue their tour with Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness and Atlas Genius through May 19th, including a return to House of Blues San Diego on May 5th.

The band's album Love Gloom is available now on Sumerian Records. You can visit Night Riots website for more information, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.