Musical Mystery Magic

Hey there everyone! Welcome to a Musical Mystery Magic night, tonight we present X-Vivo, The Holiday Electric, and Society Of Beggars.

In case some of you haven't heard of X-Vivo, they're a post industrial metal band from Berlin, Germany. "The Eyes of the Wolves Awake", taken from their new album Petrichor, can be best described as Slipknot meets Evanescence. The vocals in this song are both heavy and beautifully eerie; it's so strong in emotions that it will chill your bones. 

The Holidy Electric is a rock band from NYC. They recently released their new EP called Now, here is the title track which combines a mixture of classic rock and an 80's heavy metal song feel to it.

Society Of Beggars is an alternative rock band from Melbourne, Australia. "Old Haunts" is the single from their recent release An EP Called Night. The lyrics in the song sound like they are talking about wanting to restart something better and sticking together into a more hopeful life.  The song itself sound longing and adventurous. The video alone is about, "a group of ordinary people who are thrown together to share a ride in the backseat of a strange car, throughout the journey learning more about one another and discovering what truly counts in the end." Check it out for yourselves!

Thanks for listening!