Model Depose release new single “Blackstar”

RMP favorites Model Depose have released another single from their upcoming album, Damage Control. “Blackstar” features MD’s signature haunting vocals over a beautifully arranged track that builds over the first several minutes, before exploding.

Take a listen now, and be sure to check out Damage Control when it drops!


Model Depose – Damage Control

If you’ve followed RMP for any length of time, you know that we’re big fans of the Dutch band Model Depose. “Damage Control” is the newest single from their upcoming album of the same name, slated to be released this September.

In the song, the band revisits their signature blend of indie and electronic, with a decidedly 80s vibe to it. Though many aspects of the song remind the listener of the band’s previous work, there are hints of new creative exploration as well. Overall, this is a great track and I am anticipating the album with bated breath.


Model Depose – Bombs Are Falling

RMP favorites Model Depose are back! Their new song Bombs Are Falling dropped last month, and we’re pleased to be able to share the video with you.

The band takes a bit of a departure from their big, lush sound with thick vocals to a dryer, more Placebo-like sound. That being said, they still keep the same roots in their sound, and I think any Model Depose fan will appreciate the fresh sound!

Model Depose Create Dark, Mysterious Music on Splitting Light

Hailing from The Netherlands, Model Depose brings an exciting, dark, danceable and mysterious sound to fans. The has been together for over five years with two EPs, several singles, and now their debut album, Splitting Light, under their belt. By combining various styles, the band creates a masterful combination of different elements to form a whole.

Beginning with the slow building intro of “Closer to Home”, the rhythm section consisting of David Bos on bass and Tim Lechner on drums set the tone. As soon as Mariet Gast on keys and Jobbe Holtes on guitar kick in, it is clear that this is a record that will take Model Depose to high places. The production quality is amazing, and as soon as things quite down a pulsing synth takes over, accompanied by Roeland van der Velde’s haunting vocals. My one quip with this song is the verse where van der Velde’s vocals are panned far to the left and right, which is a bit jarring.

Following on the powerful introduction is “Papercut”, a dancy synthpop tune akin to something The Bravery might have released before their unfortunate demise. The poppy music doesn’t hide the fact that this song is about heartbreak, as van der Velde sings, “I’m starving for love with a papercut”. The lead guitar, drenched in reverb, adds quite well to the happy side of the song, not letting the lyrics bring it down.

The song “Greyscale” provides a dancy beat, which like “Papercut” grooves along under dark lyrics. This time, however, the song discusses the future and the unknowingness of life, the universe, and everything.

“Rise and Fall” provides a reprieve from dance songs, slowing things down with an arrangement focused mostly on the instruments. The song features a building force leading up to the next track, spooky sounding and introspective “Sour Times”.

Turning to a poppy indie rock style, “For You” features cries for an unnamed person to follow. Van der Velde sings, “my arms are wide open for you, I am always on your side. The future is bright and open for you.”

The closing track, “Nightwatch”, provides an excellent end to the record. It is a powerful song about keeping loved ones safe, and possibly insomnia and dark thoughts. It is not immediately clear what the lyrics mean but they are extremely haunting, yet at the same time hopeful.

Model Depose – Splitting Light Album Info

Splitting Light is available now on iTunes and Amazon. Model Depose is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.