Lucky Beaches – Pink Champagne

Lucky Beaches, an artist from Liverpool, UK, has released his new single "Pink Champagne" to the world. The song combines blues rock vocals with guitars reminescent of Queens of the Stone Age or other early 90s rock bands. Fuzz pedals. Fuzz pedals, everywhere. Toss in some tight and punchy drums with a driving 4/4 beat, and you have Pink Champagne.

Taking a listen to Lucky Beaches' other singles, the blues-rock theme continues, and is quite appealing. On songs like "Go It Alone" you can distinctly hear the British accent, which sounds almost Beatles-esque when combined with a slap delay (perhaps done on purpose?). I am most certainly interested in hearing more from Lucky Beaches, and hopefuly you are, too! I expect great things to come from this artist.

Lucky Beaches – Pink Champagne song info

You can buy "Pink Champagne" on iTunes, or stream it on Spotify. Find Lucky Beaches on his website, Facebook, and Twitter.