Light Years – I’ll See You When I see You

Light Years have released their brand new second full-length album, “I’ll See You When I See You” and it is an absolute banger! The pop punk four piece from Cleveland has finally released the 13-track album and it is sure to bring a lot of pop punk to your ears. It shows the band moving on from teen angst and maturing into adults. Opening track “Are You Sure” is an upbeat tune with an energetic pop punk feel. The electric guitar riffs and big drums make the track unique so that you want to continue to listen to the other 12 tracks. Throughout the album, there is a deeper, emotional side to it, like the track “Let You Down”. A similar deeper song called “Funeral”, which is only over 1-minute-long really brings a downer towards the end of the album. Light Years wants to bring a little bit of everything to the album: happiness and sadness crammed into one. So everyone can relate to the album. It is a mixed opinion, standard pop punk album, although a lot of the tracks sound very similar to one another. It will be interesting to see what Light Years produce in the coming years.

– Holly Reijs