Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish – Demo

Canada, home to maple syrup, ice hockey and Jon Creeden. I'm moving over asap. Jon Creeden is an Ottawa, Ontario native that is blessed with a golden voice and a dedicated heart. Be it at just voice and guitar on his acoustic material or the more rocking material with his friends acting as guest band The Flying Hellfish, Jon will strum that axe to pieces and persuade you of his passion by voice.

His 2015 demo has been digitally released at the end of last year but will now get a limited edition 100 pieces cassette tape-approach by the ne folks at Bearded Punk Records in Belgium. Opener “Nailbiter” will get you jumping to the edge of your seat by the rst verse. Rough vocals and sweet melodies are the glue to this demo tape. Six tracks will keep you on that edge of the chair dangling for more. From “Nail- biter” to “Sensible Underpants”, this trip to the other coast is worth the miles and Jon Creeden is touring Europe as we speak, so go catch him live.