Iron Reagan

Iron Reagan from Richmond, Virginia have been thrashing stages all over the world for some years now. Consisting from members from influential bands such as Municipal Waste and Cannabis Corpse the members of Iron Reagan know how to destroy stages worldwide. So when Iron Reagan played Groezrock, RMP Magazine took the liberty to have a chat with guitar player Landphil Hall about their latest release “The Tyranny Of Will” and much more.


  1. Welcome to Groezrock, first time here?

It's fun to come out here and do these European festivals, because you get to see a lot of bands that you normally wouldn't see other times. The whole experience is fun, you get to hang with buddies and drink some beer outside. It can be very hectic but it's completely different atmosphere than a normal club show.


  1. You released a new album some time ago, “The Tyranny Of Will”. How has been the response?

We've been touring pretty relentlessly since we've put out “Tyranny Of Will”. We've put on tours with Voivod, Gwar, Eyehategod and many others. We've probably played about 200 shows and maybe the year before that as well. We've been out there playing and really trying to promote it and get in the ears of people out there. So far, so good. We're enjoying being on the road with each other. We haven't started to hate each other yet. Which is a good thing, because a lot of these bands out here, they can barely even talk with each other. That's something we have going for us. We're having fun. I feel like the response has been good. We've put out a music video called “Miserable Failure” and people seem to really like that video. It was done by this guy who worked for Jackass, he did videos for Red Fang. The response to that video helped people notice our record and check us out.


  1. You just mentioned making a flash mosh video for the track “Miserable Failure”. Did the idea come from you guys or the guy who worked for Jackass?

It was like 50/50, we've pitched a little something, than he pitched something back. I like what he did, it really worked out. He did a great job. We did a three-day shoot. We had a lot of extras coming out and they were willing to wait all day. I want to thank all those people that are in the video. They really put the effort in there. Some of those shots are really great.


  1. You managed to get 24 songs on the record. Not many bands can beat that.

It helps when your songs are like a minute long. You can get a lot of songs on there. We just like the spontaneity of our music and we want it to feel really straightforward. I feel that comes out in the music, we don't overcook it. We just go with the raw feel, the sound and the vibe. That way it doesn't seem overthought.That would ruin it.


  1. You recently released a split 7” with Belgian thrashers Toxic Shock. How did you end up with Toxic Shock?

Tony Forresta, the singer of Iron Reagan, keeps up with bands in the scene. He noticed that they were doing something really great and he reached out to them. I really like that split, it's pretty good.


  1. The band is considered a crossover band, but if you were to name your top three influences of the band what would they be?

For me, my biggest influence is: I really like Accuses and DRI. I wouldn't say these are the main influences. We spread it out along a lot of things. I listen to like bands like Infest, Spaz and then I'll listen to like Slayer. Aggressive music with fast riffs, there's a punk vibe. I really liked that Slayer album where they did all those covers. It's like aggressive and catchy, fun to listen too. It just makes you feel energised.


  1. How different a band is Iron Reagan compared to Municipal Waste and Cannabis Corpse?

Different members in the band, different cooks in the kitchen. Different styles, Cannabis Corpse is a death metal band, Municipal Waste tips more on the metal side where Iron Reagan tips more on the hardcore side. I can't speak for lyrics because that's Tony who writes them.


  1. You recently put up some haikus on the Iron Reagan Facebook. One that got my attention was “Beware Of Barney Farts”. Please explain.

Oh, we have a sense of humour and we have been hanging out with Napalm Death. Barney is a really great guy, we like to joke around with him a bit.


  1. Anything you want to share of future plans?

Thanks anyone who has come out to Groezrock to check us out. Check out the album “Tyranny Of Will”, it's on Relapse records. And also check out Cannabis Corpse’s new album and Municpal Waste is going to start writing some new material soon. So stay tuned for that. I'm also putting out a record on Metal Blade called “Crypt Of The Devil” with the band Six Feet Under. It's coming out on May 4th.


 – David Marote