Hybrid Sheep – Free From The Clutches Of The Gods

France has a lot of great bands, Gojira for example, or Betraying The Martyrs. Since 2008 there is also Hybrid Sheep. Originating from Haute Savoie in France, they produce raw and brutal, yet melodic deathcore. Since 2008 they released an EP, but no full-length album, it took them until 2014 to produce their first full-length album. With “Free From The Clutches Of Gods” they want to launch themselves into popularity. If you like The Black Dahlia Murder, you can enjoy Hybrid Sheep as well. The sound is rather melodic, but it’s very diverse within the whole album. Every song has its unique sound but it still feels like one whole, complete album. All in all, there isn’t anything that stands out for Hybrid Sheep, but it’s a firm and solid album and it will be able to attract new fans.

– Nicky Boes