Evening Call – Restore

‘Modern hardcore’ always seems like a strange term to me, but it's actually what Evening Call is all about. Hailing from Liege, Belgium, this band recently released their latest EP titled “Restore”. Blending hardcore (or better called ‘old hardcore’ then) with the more progressive sounds that makes a band ‘modern hardcore’. Melodic parts, clean vocals and clean guitar parts all contributing to an eclectic mix that finds it roots in hardcore but takes it a step further. Another step forward in the organic growing process for Evening Call. The ‘Restore’ EP holds four tracks that bring contemporary hardcore, heavy sounds, tons of breaks and ranging from cleaner melodic vocals to straight-up grunts. Evening Call takes it all out and balls it into one ferocious EP. Following their examples such as Stick To Your Guns, Defeater and even Architects these Walloons deliver a nifty EP featuring four tracks of hardcore version 2015.

– David Marote