Deez Nuts – ‘Bout It

Hardcore/hip hop band Deez Nuts is back with their brand new album “‘Bout it”. “‘Bout it” is their third full-length release and Deez Nuts is still very much a ‘love’em or hate’em’ kind of band but I guarantee you when you hear this all the haters will become lovers. The title and opening track “‘Bout it” is a bulky song and really gets you interested into listening to the rest of the album. There is truly a variety of songs on this album with a mixture of other hardcore artists, like Sam Carter on “Band of Brothers”. The song starts with an acoustic guitar and then Sam comes in singing the chorus. Frontman JJ Peters does his distinctive part on the song and the duo makes the song unique, adding in gang vocals from the rest of the members throughout. A lot of the songs go on about drinking and smoking, and even though this is mainly what Deez Nuts sings about, it does tend to get a tad boring if you have been a fan from the very beginning like I have. Nonetheless, this album is truly worth a listen for all you hardcore music lovers.

– Holly Reijs