Death Penalty – Death Penalty

Criminally under-rated guitarist of doom pioneer’s Cathedral, Gaz Jennings has finally released his first album since Cathedral called it a day in 2013. This project, the aptly named Death Penalty is completed by Michelle Nocon and Fredrik "Cozy" Cosemans, members of Belgian doom warriors Serpent Cult and bassist Raf Meukens. This formidable line-up plays extremely well together on a record that harks back to a time when the occult and heavy metal went hand in hand and sounds like it could easily have been recorded circa 1970. Channelling the powers of early Sabbath and Witchfinder General, Death Penalty is a doomy, occult rock tour de force. Nocon’s vocal performance is fantastic throughout and really complements the stellar guitar work of Jennings, particularly on tracks “Children of the Night” and “She is a Witch”.

Whilst Death Penalty will undoubtedly draw comparisons to the guitarists ‘other’ work the album is much more than Cathedral part two and I can’t wait to hear what Death Penalty has to offer. 

– David Gilmore