Attila – Guilty Pleasure

Attila has been on stage for almost ten years now. Originally from Atlanta, GA, they have already toured the whole world with bands like Crown The Empire and I See Stars and played during the Vans Warped Tour multiple times. Attila is most known for their song “Rage” and frontman Chris “Fronz” Fronzak. Fronz is one of those singers that everyone knows and has their opinion about and Attila is one of those bands you love or hate. One positive fact about them is that they sound pretty amazing live. They announced their new album “Guilty Pleasure” as ‘the best album of 2014’. It already shows one important fact about Attila: you shouldn’t take them too seriously. Their lyrics are filled with sex, boobs and beer. It’s rarely ever that you can listen a full metalcore album with a smile on your face, but “Guilty Pleasure” made it happen. The first track “Pizza, Sex and Trolls” actually describes the whole record. The sound isn’t that new. It’s a bit heavier in comparison to the previous records, but in general it’s more of the same sound that we know from Attila. The rap influence is something you like or not, but if you do, “Guilty Pleasure” will be a great new record to listen!

– Nicky Boes