Ogikubo Station – We Can Pretend Like

Ogikubo Station is the brainchild of Mike Park and Maura Weaver that grew organically out of a former song they collaborated on in 2015. The former get together for the song Weak Souls Walk Around Here led to a self titled Obikugo Station 6 song EP that was released last year. Leading in to 2018 where the duo continued writing and recording and compiled their efforts in a new album titled We Can Pretend Like.

A swinging 11 track album was the end resul. Actually we should say ten new songs as Weak Souls Walk Around Here, the flame that lit Ogikubo Station, was added to the album. Ranging from just both artists their vocals and acoustic guitars strumming to a more developed broader sound with full band in songs as Take A Piece Of All That’s good. Leading into Drowning At The Watering Hole with it’s keyboard intro, We Can Pretend Like delivers 11 diverse heartfelt tracks dealing with topics like love, life, loss and so muc more. Overall the album delivers a hopefull message.  Hoping this is not the final station for this happy accident meeting by Mike and Maura.