Aree And The Pure Heart – Heartsongs EP

Aree And The Pure Heart are definitely contending for most honest, heart on sleeve, bandname of the year. For Aree and his musical crew of hopeless romantics love is the answer to everything. Hailing from Georgia, USA, the band has been together for less than a year and Heartsongs is their first EP riding the waves of the magical world wide web. A physical CD version of this throbbing CD is available as well but Bandcamp is the nr. 1 way today to quickly spread your tunes. Featuring five heartdriven songs that fuse rock'n roll with punk rock from the get go. Taking leads from good folks such as Red City Radio, Hot Water Music, Against Me and of course The Boss himself, we get treated to a set of new instant American classics. And with track as Kamikaze you can be damned sure to be shouting along the line 'My Kamikaze Girl' for days on end soon as the song inhabits your head.