Across All Oceans – Homegrown

Five-piece emo/pop punk band from Middlesbrough, the North of England, Across All Oceans, have released a brand new six-track EP for all you pop punk fans! Having only formed in 2012, they released their debut EP back in 2014, and are releasing their brand new EP, “Homegrown” on 22nd February. The first track “Everywhere But Home”, is very energetic. Vocalist, Andrew Thomson has a very aggressive vocal style. This made me think the next tracks were going to be outstanding. “Permanence”, the second track on the EP, shows the band’s pop punk in a nutshell. The very first second of the song sounds so pop punk, you know it is going to be a standout track. Andrew’s vocals are so raspy, your ears get attracted to the sound, making you want to carry on listening to the rest of the EP. The third track “Monophobia” has some great sing-along moments. It starts off slowly with just guitars and vocals but then the band picks up the tempo slightly from an emo sound to make it a blend into a sincere punk sounded balled that can’t be avoided. Title track “Homegrown” jumps back to a more typical emo sounding sound where Andrew’s vocals are a lot less destructive. The song is about questioning where you are in your life, or where you should be in your timeline. They’re an incredible band and I can see them going far in the pop punk scene!

– Holly Reijs