Metal Mondays, Feb. 13th, 2017

Metal Mondays, Feb. 13th, 2017

Another Monday… And that means it's time for Metal Mondays! This week we've got Veio, Chase the Day, and Bullet Height.

Portland based metal act Veio have released the song "Structures", in support of their upcoming sophomore release Infinite Light / Desperate Shadows. The hard hitting song features a solid mix with sounds similar to those of Chevelle and Tool, yet bringing a tad of originality to the sound as well.

From their first full length album, Chase the Day present "Pariah". The song features hard rock riffs over a solid groove provided by the rhythm section. The UK based band certainly shows their best with this song, and it's damn good.

Last, but not least, a German duo from Berlin – Bullet Height. The electronic band has a heavy sound fitting with industrial or perhaps even NDH, and their music is definitely worth checking out. They'll be dropping an album later this year.

Until next week for more Metal Mondays to start your week!