Vibe with the gritty pop rock of Halflives

Vibe with the gritty pop rock of Halflives

A pop rock song really has to hit me just the right way to pique my interest – a combination of catchy hooks, distorted guitars, and a gritty attitude.

French act Halflives have managed to do just that with their latest track, “Vibe”. Co-producer Elliot Polokoff, of the band Cemetary Sun, skillfully blended rock riffs and a massive beat with electronic elements to help push the song forward.

The passionate, fed up lyrics blend so perfectly with the song to create a cohesive journey that ends far too soon.

Listen to the song below, and make sure to watch the video for the song which premieres on YouTube at 3PM EDT on April 15th!

You can find Halflives on: their website | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify