First this week on Triple Tuesdays I present to you Knightingale, with their 95 second long kickass track, "Demons". The band from Singapore released their debut album God Damn Youth earlier this year. Although the band classify themselves as garage rock, they clearly have a host of other influences and state that they want to push their boundaries to showcase their music to a wider audience. The album is available on Bandcamp free of charge (pay what you want).

Next is the UK's Music and Medicine, and their single "Waves". It's the first song the band have released, and not much info is available on the band themselves, but I'm excited to hear more from the hard rock quartet.

Last in this Triple Tuesdays we have Vegan Footsoldier with "Socially Unacceptable". The YouTuber uses music to perform outreach about a cause he cares for, animal rights. Having played all the instruments and mixed the song himself, the Footsoldier makes a convincing point to end the use of all animals worldwide.