Triple Tuesdays Nov. 15th, 2016

Triple Tuesdays Nov. 15th, 2016

Since this is the third Triple Tuesday, does that mean it's Triple Triple Tuesdays?

Elliot the Bull, from the Central Coast of Australia, is a post rock/indie band formed in 2010. The song "Standing on the Sea" is from their latest release, Beast, which almost never happened due to a robbery. Thankfully, a crowdfunding campaign paid for their studio equipment to be replaced and the record was finished. You can hear the song's mellow mastery below and expect a new single each week!

Edison Moth is releasing their debut album, Woods, on Nov. 28th. The first single is streaming now, titled "Paranoia". It's a fairly lo-fi track, with not much new to offer but it has a catchy chorus and good vocals. The band has some pretty clear influences, including Green Day, Weezer, and other 90s acts. They are definitely to keep an eye on, though!

Another Aussie band to round things out, Perth's Sly Withers. "Nike Shoes" off of their self titled album is a great track, mixing grunge with emo lyrics to make any sadboi cry. It can also be filed under "songs to jam out to like it's the early 2000s." The full album is now streaming on the band's SoundCloud.

'Til the next Triple Tuesdays!