Triple Tuesdays – Nov. 1, 2016

Triple Tuesdays – Nov. 1, 2016

In this first installment of Triple Tuesdays, we focus on three songs from various genres to highlight new music to our readers.

To begin, we have the Russian grunge punks, M.I. Gang (M.I. standing for Misanthropic Illness), with the song "The Meanest Thing" from their record Kiitos. The band from St. Petersburg cite Violent Soho, Trash Talk, and Plague Vendor as influences. Fuzzy bass and guitars distorted to the max are everywhere in this song, with maximum riffage throughout.

Next up, JAC with his debut single, "This Is How We Operate". A poppy summer anthem, although it was released just a few weeks ago in October. Normally this isn't the kind of music I would listen to, but I really love this track and I hope you do, too!

Last but not least, Teleskopes song "Lazers", the first single off of their upcoming release, provides a loud, crazy, and fun experience to the listener. Early 90s influences are strongly heard, but that doesn't mean this band doesn't have anything original to show for their efforts. This is a song to just let loose and have a blast.

That's it for Triple Tuesdays this week!