Triple Tuesdays, June 20th, 2017

Triple Tuesdays, June 20th, 2017

Hey there everyone, welcome back to Triple Tuesdays! Today we present Vespera, Two Year Break, and Hollace!

We're starting off with Vespera, a rock band from Seattle,Washington. "Bloom", the debut single from their upcoming album is a dark and mysterious song that talks about time and speaks of unlocking the memories and what they can do together to overcome their past.

Two Year Break is a pop-rock band from London. Their recently released single called "Hourglass" talks about wanting to change and realizing what can be done to make things better for themselves.

Hollace is an alternative rock band formed in Coachella Valley, CA. "Sidewalks" is full of beautiful harmonies and has a strong 90's rock feel to it. The song itself speaks of starting anew, looking for something better, and wanting to be free.

Thanks for listening!